Wilderness Camp, Rohet

Wilderness Camp, Rohet

Situated 17kms west of Rohet, this fabulous little camp comprises 6 tents sitting on a small mound in the middle of the desert and surrounded by nothing but dunes and scrubland.

The tents are spacious, comfortable and have excellent, modern, walled bathrooms. Desert colours pervade which give a wonderfully soft and gentle light in the tents which are set up either side of cosy, deep cushioned, central sitting and dining areas. It is an incredibly relaxing place to spend your days and is impossibly romantic at night when lit up with candles and lanterns. The whole camp is brought alive with colour from the furnishings and boundless bougainvillea plants which welcome you into your tent. The site is idyllically remote and peaceful with nothing but shepherds, camels, livestock and wild animals wandering around, and the flickering lights of Mihir Garh across the desert scrub. It is also a birdwatcher’s dream.

Perhaps the highlight, however, is the riding and it makes a superb base for riding holidays as the owners are brilliant and passionate horsemen and will take you off on fabulous rides through the desert with sumptuous picnics laid on. Or, venture out into the Great Thar Desert by jeep and enjoy a sundowner that you’ll never forget. At night, look up at a sky seemingly bursting with stars, and begin to really ‘hear’ the silence!

The camp itself offers all the activities of Rohet Garh - Village Safaris, Picnics, Horse Riding programme, Camel rides and safaris. The site is gorgeous and, for once in Rajasthan, you really can get away from everyone and everything. It would be ideal for those who've been to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer but who still want to stay in the desert and experience the magic of the desert at dawn and dusk. It is staffed by Rohet staff who are well used to tourists so the standards will be high and the food delicious. Being so close to Jodhpur, it is hugely accessible and combines very well with the rest of Rajasthan. Stylish and cosy yet true to it's desert environment. Superb for walking, picnicking, jeep safaris, gentle desert wildlife spotting, riding.

Eco / environmental / responsible tourism policy

The owners of Rohet Garh (also Mihir Garh and The Wilderness Camp) - the Rohet Family - have been very successful in employing local people by making them their partners in tourism through local activities, hence making it mutually beneficial all around. The simple rural folk that they work with are also employed in all their hotels.

Rohet's signature program, The Village Safari, was pioneered by Rohet Garh to enable guests to get an insight into rural Rajasthan and to get genuine and unobtrusively closer to local people. This is made possible as the family have always been very involved in the local government and welfare systems and are much respected by all villagers. This Village Safari is now copied in lesser ways by many others and it offers their guests a chance to interact with the local village folk and visit their homes in a genuine and authentic way as it is part of the family's daily rounds.

Guests are discouraged from giving money or any thing else to the local children. Instead they are encouraged to contribute to the Village Welfare fund. The fund enables the Rohet family to take up a new welfare project every year, thus also making their guests partners in the welfare schemes of Rohet Garh, which they are welcome to visit and interact with They have taken up several welfare projects over the years which include:

  • Eye Camps. They have had three successful eye camps at Rohet. These included cataract laser surgery. The total number of people who received this surgery free of cost in all the three camps was 189.
  • Every year Rohet Garh hosts a medical camp in collaboration with the Rotary club of Jodhpur . On average 750 / 800 patients are examined by 12 - 15 doctors from different departments. The patients then receive free treatment, including surgery, for their ailments.
  • They have also contributed in the development of schools. Two years ago, with the help of one French group, Rohet Garh contributed the entire set of furniture, ceiling fans, two computers and uniforms for the entire girls school of Rohet. They have also contributed to adding a hall and stage in the middle school of Dhoondli village with the help of the cast and crew of the film ' Darjeeling limited'.
  • Apart from that a number of smaller works like making of a ' ghat' (steps leading down to a lake), or making of cisterns for water etc., have been taken on over the years. This year, being one of the worst drought years, their endeavour is to make water available for animals, both domestic and wild, by filling and making troughs in the country side. They are also allowing grazing on their land to help save the animals from starvation.

For reservations please contact your tour operator, your local travel agent,or the hotel direct.

Must Do

Spend a day or two in the saddle on some of Rajasthan’s finest horses.


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