Forsyth's Lodge, Satpura National Park

Forsyth's Lodge, Satpura National Park


This charming, contemporary lodge at Satpura National Park lies just few minutes from the beautiful Tewa Reservoir and the park entrance. With a backdrop of plateaus and hills, the area is unspoiled and rural, and thick forest rolls down to the water’s edge. Satpura Tiger Reserve is spread across the rugged Satpura Mountains and the reservoir provides a fantastic perspective from which to see the plethora of birds species which inhabit the area. Whilst the reserve encompasses some of the finest tiger habitat in the subcontinent and tigers are present in good numbers, the idea at Forsyth’s is to introduce guests to the host of other species of rare and exciting animals – sloth bear and leopard to name but two - that abound in this beautifully virgin and unexploited area. Uniquely, Satpura is the only tiger reserve that will permit walking safaris lead by trained local guides.

Forsyth’s was created by passionate wildlife men,with the environment at the forefront, trying to get away from the constant reference to the ‘tiger’, which so many camps insist upon being their raison d’etre. The primary focus is on the quality of the wilderness experience that they aim to provide to their guests. The new owners, who have invested hugely in renovating it, have retained this special atmosphere and approach to wildlife which is good to know. To this end they are working closely with the management of the Satpura Tiger reserve and the Wildlife wing of the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department on creating a more-wide ranging experience than is presently available in other parks. One of the key highlights of a visit to Forsyth’s is the hugely varied ways in which you can view game – on foot, by jeep, by boat and on elephant back. This is not possible in any other park. In addition, night drives are possible and there is a 2-man hide in a prime location which can be shifted seasonally – the ultimate for photographers and very keen wildlife enthusiasts.

The 12 cottages, situated in pretty grasslands, are made primarily of mud and according to local village design. With roof terraces (sleeping under the stars is divine), private verandahs and colourful, cheery furnishings, they are spacious, cosy, well decorated and surround the pretty central swimming pool. The main lodge is home to a cosy sitting room, dining room, bar and relaxing, open air terraces. Waste water is recycled and rainwater is harvested and it attempts to tread as lightly on the earth as possible. The staff is delightful and local and the lodge boasts some of the best naturalists in Madhya Pradesh – knowledgeable, passionate, well known and highly respected. Forsyth’s is perfectly positioned to fit in with other wildlife parks or to tack onto a journey around Madhya Pradesh. It offers a truly unique and highly varied, wildlife experience that would keep the most demanding wildlife enthusiast happy. Visiting a park such as this is a rare treat!

Eco / environmental / responsible tourism policy

Waste water is recycled and rainwater is harvested and it attempts to tread as lightly on the earth as possible. The staff is local. Food is sourced locally and organically wherever possible. Everything about the camp involves local people and village integration and all staff members are welcome to attend talks on the topography and local environmental issues.


For reservations please contact your tour operator, your local travel agent,or the hotel direct.

Must Do

The ‘no motor day’. An inspired way to encourage guests to think a little about energy consumption. Should a guest choose to spend a day doing non-motorised activities such as walking or bicycling to the park entrance (only 20 mins) and then do a walking, boat, kayak or elephant safari instead of a jeep trip, drinks that evening are on the house!


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